Service Term(Installation/ Training /Warranty)

Service Term(Installation/ Training /Warranty)
-Ooitech will send Engineers (1~4) to buyer’s plant to install the machines and training the buyer’s tech to operation and maintain the machines.
-the customer will be bear for the engineers round journey transport tickets cost, food, hotel.
- Ooitech Engineers to buyer’s plant to training how to produce the solar module step by step.
-the customer will be bear for the engineers round journey transport tickets cost, food, hotel.
Solar Module Layout Drawing Design:
-Offer different type solar module Layup drawing & BOM List
After installation and training, the machines should be operated by the operators who have received the training.
l One year Warranty on the machines, if the machine get problem within 1 year, Ooitech will offer the spare parts(not including the consumables) to solve the problem for free. But the courier freight should be paid by buyer.
l After one year, Ooitech offer technical support and offer the spare parts when the machines meet problem, buyer would be required to pay for the spare parts.
l If buyer's engineers can not solve the problem, Ooitech will send engineers to buyer's plant to solve the problem.The round trip tickets, local traffic cost, hotel and food in buyer's city will be paid by buyer. If it is one year later After installation, buyer should also pay for the salary, the salary can be discussed
l If the machines appear any problem after installation, the machines should be checked by the engineers who have received the training. Ooitech will offer 24 hours customer service. Buyer can call Ooitech customer service hot-line +86-2781779060, e-mail: info@ooitech.com to get the support in time.

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