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Visual Check and EL Inspection after lamiantion



To identify defects after lamination.
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Function and Introduction

Finished Solar Panels online 90° visual check.

1. Two-row transmission channel, width 700mm, height 990±35mm, transmission belt adopts T10 type green cloth timing belt.

3. The range of component calibration: 95mm on both sides.

4. The component is turned 90° and checked manually.

5. Turn over using motor plus chain mechanism to turn over.

Main performance parameters of the equipment

Applicable component specifications: long (1650-1950) mm x width (990) mm

Work beat: ≤38 seconds

Online operators: 1

Weight: about 530kg

Rated power (kW): 0.6kw

Air consumption (L/min): 6.5L/min

Applicable air pressure (MPa): 0.6-0.8MPa

Interface specification: Φ12

Power supply: AC 220V, 50HZ (reliable grounding required)

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