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Full automatic solar panel laminator solar cell laminator



Laminate the raw material(Back sheet-EVA-solar cells-EVA-Glass) into the solar panel, it works automatic online.
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[ Technical Parameters ]


Laminated Size

Machine Size



Power (KW)

Vacuum Pump

Annual Output













Operate Mode

Manual/Full Automatic

Heating Mode

Oil Heating

Lamination area


Power Supply


Three phase five Wires

Laminate Height


Temperature Control

Intelligent PID Temperature Control

Laminating Time


(Including the solidifying time)

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Precision


Vacuum time


Temperature Range


Vacuum Degree


Air Supply


Compressed air flow required

400L /Min

[ Main Parts ]

1.PLC:Germany SIMENS

2. Electric parts: Schneider

3. Touch Screen:Kunlun-state 10-inch                                                                                                         4. Cylinders:AirTAC

5. Vacuum Pressure Switch: Japan brand SMC

6. Vacuum Pump: China famous brand Sichuan Huaxin

[ Security guarantees Features ]

1.With hydraulic safety lock

Equipment accident power off or open cover in a position, the cover will automatically lock in the current position, not falling. Ensure the safety of the operator.

2.Set the emergency button switch

When an unexpected emergency happens, press the emergency button, the machine will cut off the working power supply, the cover will remain in the old position. Ensure remove the accidents and working process.

3.The alarm system:

The machine installs 8 sets alarm device, it will alarm in the following situation, ensure the accuracy and normal working state, improve quality.

Oil shortage

Heating over temperature

Vacuuming fault

Open cover in under pressure situation

Vacuum pump fault

Heating fault

temperature measurement module fault

Illegal operation

4.With the emergency open cover device

When falling power of the accident, it can open the cover to remove the components for processing.

5.low voltage control in the equipment control circuit

Easy for charged repair, and improve the safety.

6. With the photoelectric switch and safety grating, improve the staff's safety and reduce the failure rate.

[ Structure Features ]

Major Structure :Loading + Laminating + Unloading+ Vacuum Pump+ Heating Station

1. Loading Section

It adopts a rubber conveyor belt, speed motor drive, frequency converters control speed, The operator also can set inching distance by pressing the button.

2. Laminating Section

The heating plate with double-face milling is perforation plate. The planeness can reach ± 250um/㎡ . It adopts the heating transfer oil circulation system. The

temperature uniformity can reach ± 1.5℃.

use chain transmission, speed motor drive, frequency converters control, photoelectric switch position.

Mechanical lock the cover when upper cover lifts in a position, it can ensure the safety operation.

3. Unloading Section

It adopts the stainless steel roll shaft transmission. The roll shaft is driven by speed cut motor, photoelectrical sensor installs at the end of the unloading section to protect modules from sliding down. Cooling fans can be installed under the roll shafts.

4. Vacuum System

The vacuum valve sensors are all adopt imported components. Ultimate vacuum

realizes 30Pa. Vacuum chamber could fast achieve below 120Pa from atmospheric

conditions within 120 seconds.

5. Control System

Control Mode:Operation of semi-auto, auto and manual. It may realize module in

and out and laminate automatically or manually.

Integrated Control Technology:

Integrate vacuum technology, pneumatic transmission technology, PID self-tuning

technology, programmable control, and relay control system into one, which can

meet the complicated technological requirement of laminating and solidifying

monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon modules

This system could record the characteristic curves of major parameters, such as

the vacuum degree and the heating plate temperature.

The chain transmission structure can realize the module in-out automatically.

It adopts SIEMENS PLC to connect with a computer which meets the requirement of modern industrial automation control.

There are independent control buttons on loading and unloading sections to make modules in-out easily. The operator also can set inching distance by pressing the button.

The operation platform adopts high quality and sensitive touch screen with friendly

interface and convenient operation. Various technical parameters which are

showing on one window are easy to understand and monitor. Also on the touchscreen,

it can store many different recipes for production reference.

Automatic memory function of technical parameters could record the main operation process, provide data for module quality analysis. The system with laminated

times the statistical function is convenient for checking working times and output of

modules. It also can be regarded as reference for maintaining and replacing the

consumable spare parts.

Upper and lower vacuum venting manually, when power off accidentally, upper

the cover can be open by manual.

[ Performance characteristics ]

Intelligent  temperature control system,

Make the temperature more uniform and more easily set and control the temperature.

Laminating pressure adjustable

Can adjust the pressure accord to the production process requirement, makes the good quality solar panel.

3. 24 hours continuous working in high temperature.

4. The advanced touchscreen operation panel

Easy operation, quickly responds more stable performance and reduce the failure rate.

Humanity system operation process

The machine is equipped with several detection switches, in normal production, the operator only needs to put the module component in the heating platform, press close lid switch, the device will automatically laminate, curing, automatically open, waiting for the next working procedure.

Adopt a fully humanized system operation process

The whole device is equipped with several detection switches, in normal production work, the operator only put component input on the platform, press the input switch, the device will automatically enter the component to a host of encapsulation, curing, automatically the output to the specified location waiting for operator on to the next working procedure of processing, and automatic work on to the next cycle.

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