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Sun Simulator Solar Panel Tester - Solar Panel Making Machine



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Sun Simulator  Solar Panel Tester - Solar Panel Making Machine

Machine Function

Sun Simulator is used to test the electric performance of Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar modules and record the results in files.

Technical Parameter




Lamp spectrum

In   line with iec60904-9

spectral   Irradiance distribution requirement(AM1.5)

Light intensity

700_1200W/M2    continuous adjustable

Light intensity non-uniformity

≤±2%   【A】


Light intensity instability of irradiation(STI)

≤±0.5%   【A】


Light intensity instability Non-Uniformity of Irradiance(LTI)



Test results consistency



Single flash time



Effective test range


Measuring voltage

0-100V(resolution   1mV)

Measuring current

0-20A(resolution   1mA)

Power Supply


Test parameters


Xenon Lamp service time

100,000flash   times



Detail picture

Sun Simulator

Solar Panel Tester

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Ooitech, One-stop Solution For Solar Module Manufacturing Equipment.

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Solar Panel Making Machine

Ooitech “Turnkey Solution” Includes: Factory Construction, Facility Layout, Raw Materials BOM guidance, Production Procedure assitance, Solar Power Station installation technical support Etc.

Ooitech focus on:

Supply 10MW-500MW Turnkey Solar Solar Panel Making Machine

Update the traditional PV line to the newest MBB solar panel making machine.

Main machinery

Solar Cell Tabber Stringer Machine

Automatic Solder Bussing Machine

Automatic Laminator

High Speed Automatic Layup Station

Automatic Framing Machine

Electroluminescence Test

Solar Simulator Or IV Tester

Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine

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