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Solar Stringer Layup Machine - Solar Panel Production Line



Solar Stringer Layup Machine is used to Achieve solar string automatic laying on glass EVA.
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Solar Stringer Layup Machine - Solar Panel Production Line

Machine Function

Achieving solar string automatic laying on glass EVA, and transporting module to the next process

Technical Parameter




Power supply

AC380V 50Hz



Cycle time

single string5s

String arrangement accuracy


Applicable module specification


Air consumption






Regular 60/72 cells, double glass, three junction

boxes type and half-cell modules

Operation Mode

One button switch

Noise level



Chinese/English mode


Overall Machine

1. Maximum module specification 2450*1400mm

2. Compatible with horizontal and vertical types

3. One button switch

Cell string conveyor

1. conveyor with narrow belt, avoid misjudging due

to belt dirt

2. Servo drive, indifference docking with stringer

CCD image system

1. CCD image calculation

2. Adjust the fixing camera way in plane motion,

improve higher photo accuracy

3. Camera image part can be drived by servo

Robot action

Absorbing string cell directly, saving time

Detail picture

Solar Stringer Layup MachineAutomatic Layup Machine with Robot

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Ooitech, One-stop Solution For Solar Module Manufacturing Machine.

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Solar Panel Production Line

Ooitech “Turnkey Solution” Includes: Factory Construction, Facility Layout, Raw Materials BOM guidance, Production Procedure assitance, Solar Power Station installation technical support Etc.

Ooitech focus on:

Supply 10MW-250MW Solar Panel Production Line

Update the traditional PV line to newest MBB solar panel production line.

Main Machinery

Solar Cell Tabber Stringer Machine

Automatic Solder Bussing Machine

Automatic Laminator

High Speed Automatic Layup Station

Automatic Framing Machine

Electroluminescence Test

Solar Simulator Or IV Tester

Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine

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