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2021 PV Solar Cell Scribing Machine With Auto Devide



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Equipment Introduction

Suitable for arbitrarily divided scribing of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells

It can realize functions such as automatic material feeding, cell positioning, laser scribing, and boxing. Professional control software, free maintenance, easy operation.

Equipment Feature

◆Advanced scribing technology:Adopt fiber laser source, good quality laser beam, slim laser scribing line, more uniform solar cell cutting surface, small damage to solar cell, high accuracy cutting.

◆High efficiency:High laser scribing speed, producing capacity can reach to 1800 full cells/hour

◆Accuracy positioning:Solar cell full automatic positioning, positioning accuracy ≤±0.1mm

◆High automation level:Solar cell automatic loading and unloading, automatic positioning, automatic scribing,automatic boxing.Stable performance, low failure rate, easy maintenance..

Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Laser Wavelength


Scribing Speed

Maximum 500mm/s

Scribing Line Width


Scribing Accuracy


Positioning Method

Mechanical Positioning

Scribing Capacity

1800 full cells/hour

Breakage Rate


Solar Cell Specifications




Net Weight

0.6 ton

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